Computer Science Jobs in Up-and-Coming IT Disciplines

When it comes to computer science jobs, so many disciplines are up-and-coming that it’s almost difficult to know where to begin. From devising the technology behind the latest handheld devices to exploring new ways to process fuel in an environmentally friendly manner, jobs in computer science are at the forefront of the modern economy.

Trends for Jobs in Computer Science

Of course, some subfields and disciplines are superstars of professional opportunity within the universe of computer science jobs. Here are a few that are becoming more prevalent in recent years:

Web design and development- It’s difficult to find a business without a website, whatever the industry. For that reason, those with the ability to create and maintain efficient, user-friendly sites are in demand, making web development one of the more popular jobs for computer science majors. Due in part to increasingly sophisticated audiences and the impact of search engine giants such as Google, building a site poised for success requires a careful balance of technological know-how and marketing insight. Web designers and developers plan and build websites and are tasked with everything from analyzing user statistics and writing code to ensuring that appropriate bandwidth is available.

Information technology- A well known computer science degree discipline, information technology remains faced-paced. In part, this can be attributed to advances in mobile technology, such as the development of smartphones, tablets, and mp3 players. Behind the increasingly integrated world of computing and communications are IT professionals that make it all work.

Business and computing- As the IT needs of organizations grow more and more complex, those who have a background in both computer science and business will thrive. Students who supplement an MBA with information systems classes or those who concentrate in management information systems while pursuing a computer science or computer engineering degree can not only offer a combined skill set that will open graduates up to unique types of jobs in computer science, but can also assist them with entering into supervisory roles.

Network and database administration- Without good information and a sound computer network, the best of business strategies will likely fail. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, both network and database administrators are among the most sought after in the field. More and more, companies are turning to skilled administrators who can facilitate communication, mine information, and provide solutions and strategies to lead a company forward in an online business environment. Although these are relatively new computer science degree jobs, there is potential for growth, with network administrators expected to increase by 23% and database administration positions projected to grow 20% through 2018.

Information security- If you’re into the Internet, it’s hard to go a single day without hearing some mention of online security. Whether in the context of Internet banking, online shopping or privacy, information security is at the top of people’s minds for an economy that resides largely online. Requiring a specialized skill set, computer engineers trained with the know-how to develop safe and secure online experiences are in demand.

Computer Science Degree Jobs: A Wealth of Choices

Of course, the hottest trend in IT and computer science jobs is the diversity of opportunity available, regardless of your discipline. Armed with an IT or computer science degree there are a range of professional opportunities for you to pursue and the above are just a few of them. When selecting a computer degree program, be sure to match your studies with your career interests to take the first step in the right direction.