What is the Average Computer Science Salary?

As a graduate armed with a degree in computer science, IT or a related field, there’s one thing that’s clear: you are in demand. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reported that 68.7% of computer science majors of the class of 2013 who applied for a job before graduating received an offer, making computer science the major with the highest offer rate. While starting salaries in many areas tend to be modest, computer science salaries are holding strong.

Computer Science Major Salary for 2013 Grads

According to salary ranges issued quarterly by the NACE, those graduating with a bachelor’s degrees in computer science are enjoying excellent starting salaries. For 2013, of the top 10 paid majors, the only non-engineering majors in the list were computer-related:

  • Computer Science came in fourth on the list with an average starting salary of $64,700.
  • Management Information Systems/Business ranked nine on the list with an average starting salary of $60,700.

Compared to humanities and social sciences graduates, who the NACE stated as receiving a starting salary of $37,791, computer science majors earned a 71% higher starting salary on average, which amounts to more than a $26,909 difference. The average starting salary for computer science bachelor’s graduates by occupation were as follows:

  • Information security analysts– $55,1000
  • Compute programers– $61,7000
  • Software developers– $69,000

Furthermore, the #1 top paying position for master’s degree graduates in 2013 went to computer science degree holders who landed jobs as computer and information systems managers, with a starting salary of $92,400.

Computer Science Salaries: Which Occupation Has the Largest Paycheck?

As with most industries, salaries will vary within information technology. Specific computer science salaries will be tied to applicants’ level of educational attainment, prior work experience, particular role, company, and geographic location.

Based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual computer science salary spans from $47,660 for computer support specialists to $120,950 for computer and information systems managers. Overall, median incomes are healthy across the computer science and IT industry. In 2012, the median 25% to 75% of salaries for various IT occupations were between the following ranges:

Entry-level positions, such as computer support specialists, as well as the art-related occupations of graphic design and animation, tend to be on the lower end of the IT income spectrum. Those positions which require a bachelor’s degree (over an associate’s degree or professional certification), such as computer systems analysts and software engineers, will generally earn a mid-level computer science salary, whereas, positions which require graduate education, such as computer and information systems managers and computer scientists, will often bring in the highest paycheck.

Show Me The Money

If you are considering enrolling in a computer science or IT program, now might be the time, as the job outlook for computer science and IT graduates are favorable. Although those who have earned a bachelor’s or graduate level degree typically receive more competitive computer science salaries, a professional certification or associate’s degree could be an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Begin exploring the various schools and programs on our site, and request for additional information today!