Database Administrator Certification Types

A database administrator certification is a valuable career credential that is considered the industry standard by many employers. Obtaining a database administrator certification is a great way to demonstrate your database competence. Database certification programs are offered by product vendors and industry organizations. Whether you want to beef up your resume because you’re just getting started in the field or you want to gain valuable technical skills that will help you get a promotion, pursuing a database administrator certification is likely to be a smart career move.

As with training for other types of computer science jobsdatabase management training typically starts with obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. To qualify for supervisory positions, you may be required to have an MBA with a specialization in information technology management.

Why Pursue Database Certification?

A database certification program certifies you in a specific type of database management. Not all companies require their database administrators to be certified, but many do. Obtaining various database administrator certifications won’t necessarily qualify you for the most coveted database administrator positions, but it may broaden your knowledge and set you apart from other database administrators when you apply for jobs.

The best candidates for database certifications are aspiring database administrators, those who are database administrators by training but have little experience, and people who work for companies that require database administrators to get certified. If you already have several years of experience as a database administrator and don’t have problems keeping up with the industry’s latest technology, you may not need to get certified.

A Guide to Popular, Vendor-Specific Database Certifications

Here are some of the more popular vendor-specific database administrator certification programs currently available:

  • Oracle Database 10g Administrator
    The Oracle Database 10g Administrator certification has three levels of training—Associate, Professional, and Master—which involve a series of instructor-led courses and exams. The certification is version-specific, so each time Oracle comes out with a new version, a new certification is required.
  • Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS)
    MCTS is an entry-level database certification for SQL server professionals. Once you earn the MCTS credential, you can pursue the Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP) credential, which is the premier certification for SQL Server administrators.
  • Certified MySQL Database Administrator (CMDBA)
    After passing the MySQL Associate (CMA) certification, which is a intro-level exam, you can choose to pursue a CMDBA certification by taking two more advanced exams. Upon achieving your CMDBA certification, the next step is earn your MySQL Cluster certification—the highest MySQL certification currently available—through taking a fourth exam.

Getting certified is an ongoing process that requires an investment of time and money, but it can be a rewarding experience that helps you make the most of your career as a database administrator. Once you explore the different types of database administrator certifications that are available and find the right credential for your needs, it’s time to hit the books! For more information, check out the database certification programs offered through the schools featured on our site.