Online Computer Programming Degree: Decoding the Web

Computer programmers write, test, debug, and maintain the source code of programs that computers use to carry out functions. If you are tech-savvy and detail-oriented, earning an online computer programming degree may be the right choice for you. A computer programming bachelor’s degree from a four-year school is the standard for becoming a programmer, although a two-year associate’s degree in a related field may be adequate for some jobs.

Online Computer Programming Degree Options

Computer programmers may major in programming, computer science, mathematics or information systems. You can also pursue a degree in a field like accounting, finance or business and supplement it with online courses. Employers who use computers for science and engineering typically prefer applicants who have technical degrees, while employers who use computers for business applications tend to prefer applicants who have taken courses in business subjects.

Curriculum for Online Computer Programming Courses


Programming degrees teach students key programming concepts and techniques. Graduates are trained to plan and program software and web applications throughout the development life cycle.

Online Computer Programming Courses

Some courses that you may be required to take include:

  • Visual Basic .Net programming
  • SQL fundamentals
  • JAVA programming
  • Hypertext markup language
  • Application design
  • Programming logic
  • Web page programming
  • Database programming
  • Computer networks

Internships and Certifications

While taking online computer programming courses, students can gain valuable programming experience by participating in internships. Relevant, on-the-job experience is highly valued by employers. Certification programs offered by product vendors and software firms may also give computer programmers a competitive edge in the job market while keeping their skills up-to-date.

Benefits of Pursuing an Online Computer Programming Degree

There are many benefits associated with pursuing a computer programming degree online. For one, you are not limited to the degree programs that are available in your local area. Additionally, when you take online courses, you do not have to worry about commuting to campus, looking for a parking spot or paying for gas. Furthermore, you can set your own schedule, which is particularly convenient if you have a full-time job or children.

What Do Computer Programming Careers Entail?


Computer programmers convert the software programs that computer software engineers and system analysts design into instructions that computers can follow using a variety of programming languages, such as Python and C++, among many others. The goal of programming is to create programs that perform specific operations and display desired behaviors. Early on in their careers, programmers are typically responsible for writing code for specific portions of software programs. As their careers progress, programmers often get involved in designing the overall organization and architecture of software programs.

Opportunities for Advancement

In large organizations, computer programmers may eventually be promoted to lead programming positions and supervise other programmers, although some programmers prefer writing code over advancing into managerial roles. Others may go on to become systems analysts or software engineers. For those who aim to work as managers, having strong business skills, in addition to programming expertise, is important.

Job Outlook for Computer Programmers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for computer programmers are expected to grow at a slower than average rate of 8% from 2012 to 2022. The slow growth is due to the increased outsourcing of jobs oversee where wages are lower. However, with the demand for computer technologies, especially in the Internet and mobile spheres, there will still be a need for seasoned programmers with specific areas of expertise. In 2013, computer programmers earned a median annual salary of $76,140.

Enrolling in a Computer Programming Degree Online

Job prospects for compute programmers will be best for applicants who have a bachelor’s degree, keep up with the latest trends, and have knowledge of a wide range of programming languages and tools. Begin to maximize your employment opportunities and sharpen your skills by exploring compute programming degrees online today!