Trade Schools and Colleges in Florida

From hospitality to business administration and medical assisting, career colleges and trade schools in Florida can arm you with real-world knowledge and skills in a variety of fields. FL colleges offer certificates, diplomas, and degrees from the associate’s to the graduate level. Rather than having to take general education courses in a variety of core subjects, at a career college, you can pursue career-specific coursework right away. It can take anywhere from a matter of months to four years to complete your studies.

For some students, career schools are a better fit than traditional colleges and universities. Career colleges are beneficial, because they equip you with career-related skills. However, the downside to a career-focused education is that for some majors, it can narrow your employment opportunities to a specific field, which makes it important to carefully evaluate your options before you choose your program.

Cities in Florida where graduates may find work include Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Sarasota, Miami, and Tallahassee. Tourism is the largest segment of the state’s economy. The second largest industry in the Sunshine State is agriculture due to its production of citrus fruit. Other notable industries include mining, construction, international banking, biomedical and life sciences, healthcare research, aerospace, and military defense—with 24 military bases in the state alone. If you have begun to figure out the kind of career you would like to pursue, start exploring the trade schools and colleges in Florida featured below.


Dade Medical College

Dade Medical College is a privately owned, for-profit school that specializes in training students for careers in nursing, radiology, sonography, and related fields. DMC has campuses in Miami and Miami Lakes, West Palm Beach, Homestead, Hollywood, and Jacksonville. The campuses don’t provide student housing but can offer referrals to local rental agents and properties.

Dade Medical College Website

University of Southernmost Florida

The University of Southernmost Florida is a privately owned institution with campuses in Jacksonville and in Coral Gables, where its admissions office is also located. The school, formerly Jacksonville Southern Career College, was renamed and expanded after Dade Medical College acquired it in 2011. The two schools have a credit-transfer arrangement between them, and they jointly operate Southernmost University Press, which publishes textbooks written by the school’s faculty members.

University of Southernmost Florida Website